Swiss Internet Radio Association (SIRA)
The Swiss Internet Radio Association (SIRA) is the Users Association of the Swiss Webcasters and an independent Culture Foundation of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We help non-profit institutions (Webcasters) to finance the copyrights to IFPI (the recording industry) and SUISA (artists and composers). The SIRA works for the realisation of a new form of compensation of copyrights to the collecting societies. The Association is a non-profit organization (NPO).
How can I help?
With a patron membership you can support the continuation of the Swiss Internet radio stations. You help to finance the operating costs and as well the copyrights of youth and non-commercial stations. Your patronage helps to finance projects of cultural and media diversity.

What does SIRA for my Webcasting/-project?
The SIRA works for the realisation of a new form of compensation of copyrights to the collecting societies. A flexible price structure with a low (or without a minimum) amount should replace the existing affordable conditions. Webcasters are not pirates – we promote music for different labels and increase the popularity of many acclaimed artists or lesser-known musical categories.

Can join SIRA also AM/FM broadcasters?
Yes sure, the SIRA welcomes the queries of commercial and non-commercial AM/FM broadcasters.

What advantages do AM/FM broadcasters enjoy?
The SIRA advises, designs and implements the website, as well as the webcasting for AM/FM broadcasters. For many local or alternative channels the future is still uncertain. We take the initiative with you and help your station to enter into the age of multimedia!

Can you reach the webcasting of our members over the swiss cable-tv network?
We currently have no partner. As patrons of cultural and media diversity, we are searching cable-TV companies for a pilot project. Are you interested? Please contact us!

What forms of sponsorship help us?
In addition to the high copyright rates, a webcaster has to finance the dedicated bandwith (listener places), web hosting, software licenses, financing costs of servers etc. Besides cash donations, we are always grateful for:

Dedicated bandwith (SHOUTcast and/or ICEcast master or relay stream server clusters)
Cable-DSL or ADSL annual subscriptions
Server housing (Switerland/EU)
PC/Server with minimum Pentium 4 3GHz, 4 GB DDR RAM and 1 TB HDD
Windows 2000/2003 Server, Windows XP Professional
Accessories: HDD IDE/SATA/SCSI, RAID controllers, network cards and routers
Annual membership fee  
Under 18 years of age: No obligation to contribute
Over 18 years of age: CHF 50 per year
Companies: CHF 50 per year
Patron membership (private persons): CHF 100 per year
Patron membership (companies): CHF 500 per year

We look forward to your application to become a membership in our Association (minors need written and signed permission of the parents):

Mr. Christoph Zimmermann
Bankstrasse 2
CH-8590 Romanshorn
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